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Sell your album with no upfront costs.

We make it as simple as possible
to sell your music on physical disc
with zero investment on your side.

    Tailored for DIY artists

    Being independent does not mean you are all alone

    Just upload the tracks and add the graphic files.

    Introducing an innovative on-demand production and order fulfillment service. We give you the exact right tools to manufacture and sell your music.

    Just upload the tracks and add the graphic files.

    All it takes are just audio and graphic files you upload onto our server. We take care of producing a professional digipak, add it to our marketplace and take care of delivering the product to your customers.

    Just upload the tracks and add the graphic files.

    That's right: it takes zero investment on your side! All you have to do is promote your album in social media and wait for a monthly payment based on sold products.

    Four steps easy as ABC

    Nothing stops you from selling your music online

    Register your account providing basic contact information

    Prepare your audio and graphic files according to our guidelines

    Upload the files using our website

    Start promoting your release!

    How we print and duplicate CDs

    Help us planting trees around the world!

    All of our on-demand productions are printed on double-white Arktika 300g cardboard with FSC certificate.

    Machinery that we are using in the printing process is based on true digital offset basis.

    When it comes to the CDr disc itself, we also decided to increase the quality above the standard that is used on the market.

    Read more about sustainable
    production rules we live by.

    What are the costs

    HINT: there are no costs

    No surprise costs or monthly plans.
    We only make money when artists do.
    Check how it works in practise.

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    Without upfront costs,
    Without stock,
    Without effort.

    Focus on making music,
    we'll make the heavy lifting.