X-Bax – Cymbals of Opression CD

01 The Cymbalism: Get A Gong, Gang A Bong, Rex It On
02 Atonement For The Disposition Tool (No Quarter, Electric Funeral)
03 Warp Factor 2 (Captain Kirk’s Embryonic Journey)
04 The Grill Of Mountain Hall and The Warlords Who Disappeared In Smoke
05 The Pink Bicycle Queen (I’ve Got A Bike You Can Ride It If You Like)
06 The Sunshine Tomorrow (Splash Mountain Never Knows Of Your Love)
07 Soft Lips of The Flaming Bulletin (Shake Some Groovies)
08 Just Dropped In To The White Rabbit Room (Time Has Today Come)
09 The Doors Shut And Light My Matchstick Men On Fire
10 The Oracle, The Odessey and The Zombie Apocalypse
11 The Ride, Let It Roll, Be A Bee
12 Help, I’m A Sky Pilot Freak Out
13 Set The Controls For My White Bicycle (Anthem of The Sun)
14 The Long Gong Silver Show (Godzilla Remix)


No-one would have believed that Phil Dole’s X-Bax would have evolved so much over the years. The drone and experimental core is still there, but the atmosphere and subtle musicality have taken things from a cathartic endurance sport to a bone fide journey.

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