Wojciech Kucharczyk aka The Complainer – Brak (niezmiennie) CD

01 supertired superexhausted
02 a może nie wróci?!
03 feel the loud music, amen
04 osiem gwiazdek i bolsonarów też
05 sound of Silence – last chance
06 brazilian doors
08 drzwi się otwierają zamykają, byt określa świadomość
09 i wanna stay aqui
10 brazilian garden
11 posteverythingeverything
12 load the boat always to the left
13 nie jestem przesądny, ALE
14 nie jesteś ALL RIGHT – dzwon-zgon
15 daj mi spokój spokój SPOKÓJ
16 staying alive against all odds (Favela Rocinha Edit)
17 AFROBOTER play Volta Volta Volta (2021 demix)
18 FROM THE SCRATCH (yes please)
19 Soulus Interruptus
20 relatywna Cisza
21 i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know
22 post-Cisza
23 Cisza ’33
24 machnął ręką (BONUS)
25 wiem, już wszystko było

03 final part contains famous notes quoted from The Conversation by John Williams (Close Encounters of the Third Kind, of course!) (no samples) (no ok, dwa, superkrótkie i daleko w tle, spice), th-th-th-th-aanks! 11 contains quotation from Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie, some drums by RSS B0YS. 13 based on some chords (no samples!) from Superstition by Stevie Wonder, merci! 16 based on some chords and progressions (no samples!) from Stayin’ Alive by Bee Gees, gracias! truly inspiration! płyta nagrana w: Polska, w sumie, ale: field recordings recorded in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, Manitoulin Island/Canada and a bit in Amerika, także w innych miejscach typu Skoczów or Cieszyn or Katowice. additional instruments offered by: Afroboter, The Slightly Rotten/Apple Family, Famous Music Radars Bleepin’ Crew, The Daffodeal Loops Orchestra, Escape from Victory Band, General PPOOPP’s Marching Girls, The Soaring Indulge and Minor Anonymous, NASA and, of course, Electrified Yellofier. drum solo in 02 by Ania Kaleta. Reszta by Wojciech Kucharczyk between 2015 and 2021, także fots i okładka. PIN ZIELONY Pozdrawiam wszystkich zainteresowanych. Prawdopodobnie sobie jakoś poradzimy. OSIEM GWIAZDEK! MAD DIRECTOR’S CUT SERIES, Mik Musik 2021 – these are not just another remasters, this is this history written from the scratch (almost). the very new approach to the autobiography. THIS IS Part 3 of this story. the most politically charged album by Kucharczyk, pissed of by polish and world fascists. this music will not stop them, but maybe have the power to slow bad currents at least with its power and subversiveness. and, surprisingly, you can still dance to it. dance will save us all!


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