The Traveling Winterpeggers – Volume 1 CD

01 Volume One Theme
02 Ulysses Blues
03 Kanata Co-Op
04 The Indictment
05 Meech, Smeech, Where’s The Babes?
06 The Unfathomable Mount
07 That Goddamn Bluegrass
08 Don’t Get Sucked In (i)
09 Don’t Get Sucked In (ii)
10 Don’t Get Sucked In (iii)
11 House Cleaning Music #1
12 House Cleaning Music #2
13 House Cleaning Music #3
14 Eight Ten


Reissue of a one-off anything-goes project recorded in 1990 when the band Mary and its crew were left idle for a few weeks while their drummer was away visiting family. This is a 2022 remaster of the 2007 reissue.

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