Thamnos – Isle of Hollow Souls (Extra Content) CD

⮞ About the album
Isle of Hollow Souls’ is the second album and the first LP from the project Thamnos. The story takes place in the original universe called ‘The Chronicles of Thamnos’

The EXTRA CONTENT version of ‘Isle of Hollow Souls’ includes:

• The instrumental version of the album ‘Isle of Hollow Souls’
• The exclusive polish version of the song ‘Chpt. VI: Devils May Cry’ – Rozdział VI: Demony Mogą Płakać.
• The 2015 demo song – Source of Immortality
• The song written in collaboration with the band NIHILI – Dies Irae


⮞ Plot
The plot in the album focuses on the desolate journey of a man, who is stuck on an abandoned island after his ship crashes in a storm caused by a rare event called ‘The Eternal Night’. He is forced to live a life of solitude, with the remnants of hope that he is not completely alone. Throughout his journey, he begins to contemplate this life of loneliness, going deeper into the island. Eventually, he discovers what he has desired to find the most. However, it was not exactly the way he imagined it.