Tangara – Rika CD

1. Tariq
2. Paralysis
3. Brama
4. No Home Left
5. Umbra
6. Himalah
7. Marevo
8. Vyrii


Tangara is a sound project grown by an ever-changing group of musicians. All the manifestations of this plant are yet to be discovered as different musicians with different perceptions of the sound craft join together in each season of its flourishing. This is the first compilation of the recordings. Rika is Tangara’s fruit planted by two friends who found the perfect balance in their collaboration. Andrii is a multi-instrumentalist with an academic background who creates the fundamental patterns of the compositions. Orfin grows these patterns further, combining them with field recordings and arranging the fragments to achieve the final soundscape. On the way, they met Anastasia – an actor with expressive work of voice and body synchronising with music. She has drawn the vocal patterns for this record. They let a chance to be involved during the process, having the soundscape grow organically. The result is the continuous combination of improvised electronic and organic sounds involving vocal patterns, whispers, and field recordings – all of it creates an alluring and ambiguous sound matter flowing as a river (hence the name in Ukrainian). “With this album, we converted our flow of consciousness into diverse soundscapes. It is our way of the exploration of each of us individually and the world that surrounds us. At the same time, we don’t want any canons to be tied to this record – the record is complete only once perceived by an individual. Do we really need words to perceive the sounds?” Grown by three Tangarians: Andriy Lukashev, Orfin, Anastasia Krol Planted in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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