Six Inches – Average Joes MC

A01 Pilsbury Doughboy
A02 Goddess
A03 Frank Booth Blues
A04 2000 Light Years From Home
A05 Mary Loves You (dv mix)


B01 (This Is) Your Song
B02 Ballad (Special Thing)
B03 Mary Loves You (peter in tunnel mix)


Straight-up demolition rock from 1980s Vancouver featuring Deviant (Mary), Michael Lewis (Unnatural Silence), Eric Lowe (64 Funny Cars), and Walt “Too Tall” Brady, trying to re-rockify the punk. Ahead of its time and flamed out, this reissue of their 1988 demo cassette documents it all, including the “Mary Loves You” session that was added to later copies of the demo after a line-up change and shortly before the band’s demise.

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