Sharkula – Dirty Caviar MC

Side A
A01. Dolphin vs. Shark vs. Chewbacca
A02. Damn Hungry Grimy
A03. Shark Brain Brian
A04. Raw Uncut 2
A05. I’m Old Skoolish, Not Foolish
A06. Shark In Dah Park Amusement Park

Side B
B01. Tornado Thought
B02. Anti Dookie Pretzel Deluxe Remixer
B03. Eye Like To Wine & Dine A Woman
B04. Golden Dirty Caviar


The “lost” Sharkula album recorded in 2005 that finally saw the light of day in 2015. Sharkula is a bit of a legend in the streets of Chicago, an avid self-promotor and people person. His prolific output of rap recordings feature his left-field stream of consciousness and personal obsessions and a wide variety of collaborators. Dirty Caviar is a meeting of iGod’s beats and the world that is Sharkula, with the occasional bit of help from Will-O and DJ Chuck Sunshine. Now on cassette!!!

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