No Fun – Triumph of the Oinksdedoinks MC

Side A Tracklisting
A01 Snog
A02 Pulverized Rodents
A03 Fall for a Cliché
A04 Going to Hollywood
A05 Atomic Ache
A06 Paisley Brain Bolts
A07 ???

Side B Tracklisting
B01 Snog
B02 Pulverized Rodents
B03 Fall for a Cliché
B04 Going to Hollywood
B05 Atomic Ache
B06 Paisley Brain Bolts
B07 ???


To those familiar with the history of Vancouver, Canada, punk, there is a famous live EP by D.O.A. recorded at an infamous battle-of-the-bands competition sponsored by a local newspaper. The show was a turning point in local music, an No Fun also appeared at this competition. This EP is also taken from that show (plus a bonus track). In fact, it was David M. of No Fun’s 4-track that documented the performances from this event. The artwork obviously references the D.O.A. EP. Now available on cassette!

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