No Fun – The Night Smells Like A Dog CD

01 NO FUN Bio
02 In A Foreign Car
03 Dwindle
04 New Race
05 I Hate Those Meeces To Pieces
06 Uncool Friend
07 The Wilted Flower Child
08 The Night Smells Like A Dog
09 The Pink Crypt
10 Which Way’s The Underground?
11 The Handsome One
12 Big Boys
13 No Whine (Before Its Time)
14 Incoherence Spoken Here
15 The Forgotten Man Number
16 Me
17 Entering Bikini Area


Re-issue of No Fun’s 1990 release A Night Smells Like A Dog on CD. No Fun, aka The Beatles of Surrey (British Columbia), are known for their whimsical and sardonic observations about life, people, culture, and whatever comes to their attention.

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