No Fun – The New Switcheroo MC

Side A Tracklisting
A01 These Are The Names of The Folks I Hate
A02 The New Switcheroo
A03 The Communist Boys
A04 Sense of Tradition
A05 Second Marriage
A06 The I Don’t Worry Song
A07 Behind Every Great Man Is Us
A08 Dog R L
A09 The Psychedelic Drain

Side B Tracklisting
B01 Why You Stink
B02 Why Johnny Why
B03 Trade It For Anything
B04 Summer Holiday
B05 Sex Queen To Ex-Queen (Lesbeen To Has-Been)
B06 Allez Vite Le Twist!
B07 Now I’m Dead
B08 From The Bottom To The Top
B09 These Last Few Woman Really Appeal To me
B10 Switcheroo (Breakdown Remix)


No Fun’s beloved 1987 (hot on the heels of 1894 and the double album Snivel), presented here on glorious cassette as nature intended. Includes bonus track not on original album: “Switcheroo (Breakdown Remix)”.

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