No Fun – The New Switcheroo CD

01 These Are The Names Of The Folks I Hate
02 The New Switcheroo
03 The Communist Boys
04 Sense of Tradition
05 Second Marriage
06 The I Don’t Worry Song
07 Behind Every Great Man Is Us
08 Dog R L
09 The Psychedelic Drain
10 Why You Stink
11 Stay Johnny Stay
12 Trade It For Anything
13 Summer Holiday
14 Sex Queen To Ex-Queen (Lesbeen To Has-Been)
15 Allez Vite Le Twist!
16 Now I’m Dead
17 From The Bottom To The Top
18 These Last Few Woman Really Appeal To Me
19 Switcheroo (Breakdown Remix)


A re-issue of No Fun’s 1987 album, coming on the heels of their successful 1894 and Snivel albums. And still very much a beloved No Fun album from top to bottom. Contains bonus cut not on the original: “Switcheroo (Breakdown Remix)”.

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