No Fun – Snivel 2 MC

Side A Tracklisting
A01 Let’s Whine Like Big Babies
A02 Talking Bout The Mundane
A03 Do The Girl
A04 Love In A Taxicab
A05 Rodents Fair
A06 Another Loathsome Date
A07 Going To Hollywood
A08 Crocodile Tears
A09 SaSKAtchewan


Side B Tracklisting
B01 Big Excitement
B02 Song A Girl Would Sing
B03 Holding David M. Hostage
B04 That Girls Got A Mind of Her Own
B05 Somebody Else’s Feelings
B06 Blue Lust
B07 When Love Turns To Shove
B08 Snivel


The second volume of No Fun’s acclaimed 80’s album SNIVEL. On cassette as nature intended.

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