No Fun – Snivel 1 CD

01 I’m Not Taking Suzy To The Be-in
02 Twisted Brain
03 Tyger
04 Negroes Have Eaten You
05 Direction
06 Oh, To Be On Heroin
07 These Women Are My Enemies
08 (Love Theme From) Crane of Fear
09 Tribute To Elvis II
10 Say It With Mink
11 Can I Please Take The Drugs Now?
12 Groovy Daddy
13 Uptight And Anxious
14 Toll For The Troll
15 Me and Warren Beatty (and Mick Jagger)
16 Ambivalence (Gets Me)
17 Ream Me Like You Mean It


Snivel was a watershed 80s indie rock album from Surrey B.C.’s No Fun. This is volume 1, which contains the sets “Dogs Are Smart” and “Arcane Chit-Chat”. Those in the know can’t believe you’re not in the know, so get yourself knowified! Seriously!

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