No Fun – Ghost Paper Boy In Robin’s Gay Trailer Park CD

01 Get Away From Me
02 It Came From Heaven
03 I Invented Myself
04 Modigliani
05 Jah Seh (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
06 A Different Kind Of Music
07 Welcome To Tinseltown
08 Brats In Agreement
09 Back To Normal
10 The Only Girl For Me
11 I Drowned
12 Our New Album
13 The Awful Truth
14 I’m Worried About No Fun
15 Tribute To Elvis
16 Your City Here
17 Nice Phrasing
18 You Got Me There
19 I’ll Change Into A Bat
20 How Hard That Is
21 Male Issues
22 Satyriasis
23 Don’t I Have To Answer?
24 Legally, My Hands Are Tied
25 Learn to blow… Spread ’Em
26 Where is rock going?
27 Daed Si Luap


Re-issue of No Fun’s 1981 album. It was a period of transition between the full band set-up (and their acclaimed “It Came From Heaven” 7″) and the beloved duo (and sometimes trio) of the 1980s. This edition includes “At Home With David M.” which can best be explained by downloading the accompanying 1981 press release from and bonus track that appeared on some of the previous editions.

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