No Fun – 1894 CD

01 Track 1
02 Not In Your Town
03 Snog
04 Work, Drink, Fuck, Die
05 Brats In Agreement
06 Tribute To Elvis Boogie
07 Paisley Brain Bolts Of The Mind
08 To Hell With The Past
09 When She Has Her Coffee
10 No Orchestra Required
11 Planet
12 Jah Seh (Vini, Vidi, Vici)
13 Be Like Us
14 Tribute to NO FUN
15 1894 Theme
16 1894 Theme #2
17 Hotel Indiscreet


No Fun, often touted as the Beatles of Surrey (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada), originally released 1894 as a cassette. It contains what is arguably their most well-known song “Be Like Us”, a landmark track from this punk-adjacent satirical folk-rock duo led by David M.

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