Nicolas Picciotto – Beings From The Origins CD

1. Beings From The Origins 05:30
2. Ancient Traveller 04:03
3. Thoth & The Emerald Tablets 08:59
4. Love at First Sight 04:59
5. Let There Be Light Again 06:07
6. Stop The Rush 04:03
7. Sunshine 06:13
8. Underground Lofty 04:15
9. For You Jonas My Son 08:35
10. The Law of One 02:44


“Being passionate about ancient history, science and knowledge spreading over the full range of all cultures to be acknowledged and honoured across the world, ‘Beings From The Origins’ is a journey throughout time/space and space/time densities of recollections and manifestations. The aim to mix and blend old but operational electronic gear together with contemporary technology is to participate in the support of the collective consciousness communion of joint improvement and education from people, cultures, and civilisations, independent from any judgment and polarization. As understood and studied for decades, within the past history lie the solutions to our future, and the trillions of mistakes we all make or participate in – once acknowledged and understood – help us to not replicate them, therefore paving the way to a global upgrade in human consciousness. As innumerable scientific, archaeological artefacts and materials tend to prove and demonstrate with credible authenticity the strong possibility that we as humans are not alone and never were, ‘Beings From The Origins’ is food for thought. A tribute to both the entire creation of creators, as well as to the timeless souls we all are, experiencing throughout an ever-expanding field of consciousness and knowledge the unimaginable power of the One Infinite Creator.” — Nicolas Picciotto 2022

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