Mazanko – Psychosomatic Waves CD

1. Pareidolia
2. Psychosomatic Waves
3. Upwelling From an Abyssal Hill
4. Intraspecific Competition of Humboldt Squid
5. Anamorphic Fragmentation
6. Chemosynthesis of Hydrothermal Vents
7. Rotary ▓ Echolocation
8. Phylogenesis


Mazanko’s second album, Psychosomatic Waves, takes on a more rhythm-centric approach than the first, combining interwoven polymetric patterns governed by prime numbers and meticulously arranged sound design, encompassing a wide array of self-recorded samples which explore soundscapes from the underwater depths. Added to the mix are a Korg MS-20, trumpet, extremely distorted electric bass and occasional spoken vocals. The designer of the album’s artwork, Nikusha Samsonadze, contributes guitar morphed via a delay pedal on the closer, Phylogenesis.

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