Long Beach Huntington – Ken’s #2, Anti-Tech Police & Other Delights MC

Side A
A01. Anti-Tech police
A02. The Days
A03. Cattin’ Around
A04. Cheap Crap
A05. 2 Bimbos and a Tractor
A06. End
A07. Yell

Side B
B01. My WTC
B02. Life
B03. Guilty
B04. School Ten
B05. Fiona’s Calling
B06. Wail
B07. Genetically Modified Corn


Ken “Long Beach” Huntington is a long time fixture of the local Long Beach, California independent music scene. Known primarily for his harmonica playing, both in the Full Tilt Trio and as guest player for other artists, he has also played other instrument in a range of other settings, from straight up rock to experimental music (notably joining X-Bax in 2015). His solo recordings have a distinct outsider vibe, based in roots music (folk-rock, blues, country) with the occasional dash of psychedelia. This anthology is the first public release of material culled from his DIY recordings. Now on cassette!

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