Hans Castrup – Constant Imbalances V CD

1. Sekorise 05:30
2. Estebrow 01:40
3. Kaytempure 06:35
4. Rehavine 05:59
5. Yoloscat 05:31
6. Goderate 05:40
7. Perxant 04:09
8. Ineeray 05:27


We are delighted to welcome multidisciplinary artist HANS CASTRUP back for his third album release on Submarine Broadcasting Company, CONSTANT IMBALANCES V. CONSTANT IMBALANCES V is the latest instalment in Hans’ series; the 1st and 2nd parts of Constant Imbalances each consist of a book of poems and graphics, part 3 was the acclaimed album released last year on Submarine Broadcasting Company and part 4 was a series of paintings created as a response to Part 3. Part 5 comprises eight pieces of abstract electronic music, and as listeners of CASTRUP would expect, all are uncompromising in their delivery. Beauty and violence compete with each other while tranquillity and danger co-exist, ever changing and never settling. CASTRUP’s music asks questions of the listener and is unapologetic in its goal of making the listener work CONSTANT IMBALANCES V is CASTRUP’s 17th solo album since 1982. Born in 1957 and working as independent artist on the fields of painting, music, photography, video, graphics and text since graduating as MA at the University of Osnabrück, CASTRUP describes CONSTANT IMBALANCES V as a counterbalance to Part 3: “This time, orchestral noise and quieter atmospheres, harmony and disharmony, tension and relaxation meet in large spaces, collide and lose each other.”

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