Greg Nieuwsma – In C: Flea Market CD

Flea markets are magical places. Places where you can watch inanimate reincarnation in action. Objects deemed as useless – discarded, on their way to landfills or incinerators – are given an opportunity to start anew. Terry Riley’s “In C” is a magical piece of music. It is a piece of music with no single definitive version – on the contrary, the rich variety of interpretations echo the smorgasbord of wares on display at the flea market. It is our hope that this broken-down, wabi-sabi laden take on “In C” will be seen as a worthwhile addition to the collection of versions of Terry Riley’s wonderful composition; and that someone may come across it and pick it up with the same curiosity with which they would pick up an exotic trinket at a flea market, examine it closely and, thinking they have found a treasure, say to themselves “Yes!”


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