Grand Kali Ma – Liturgia Horarum MC

Side A
A01. Nocturns (Darkest Black)
A02. Lauds (Cracking Open)
A03. Prime (Confronting The Beast)
A04. Terce (Receiving Her)
A05. Sext (Blood Bath)
A06. None (Infinite Spiral)
A07. Vespers (Fading Light)
A08. Compline (Kali Mantra)

Side B
B01. At The Entrances
B02. Initiation
B03. Final Offer
B04. Don’t Shortchange The Ferryman
B05. Drowsy Undertow
B06. Delivery By Extension
B07. Now Behind Us
B08. Finally


The duo of Ladyshackles and Phil Dole (Chord, X-Bax, etc.) delivered their first album of textures and low-key electronic noodling in 2018. This cassette edition includes a side of bonus tracks from a variety of sources, including compilation tracks and 7″ sides.

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