Gazawat – Ghosts Of Chechnya / Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib CD

1. Those Who Remain Are Trying To Return To The Rhythms Of Normal Life
2. Chechens Used To Sing And Dance While The Shells Continued To Fall Down
3. The Village School Has Been Turned Into A Makeshift Hospital
4. The Injured Lay In The Corridors Next To The Bodies Of People Killed In The Attack
5. Russian Forces Claimed That People Killed Or Injured In The Incident Were Not Civilians
6. Material Is Wrapped Over The Prisoner’s Face And Water Is Poured Over Them, Asphyxiating The Prisoner
7. Lynndie England Pulls A Leash Attached To The Neck Of A Prisoner, Who Is Forced To Crawl On The Floor, While Megan Ambuhl Watches
8. Prisoners Were Forced To Crawl Around The Floor Naked While Soldiers Rode Them Like Donkeys
9. The Investigation Report Named Graner As A Ringleader Of The Abuse
10. Neither Of The Two Men Who Caused Prisoners Death Were Charged
11. The Former Dictator Will Face The Justice He Denied To Millions


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