Dominique Cyprès – Interregnum MMXXII CD

01. Zombie Capitalism
02. Alienation
03. Direct Action
04. Primitive Accumulation
05. Enclosure Of The Commons
06. Spectacular Relations
07. End Of History Illusion
08. Perverse Incentives
09. Graveyard Of Empires
10. Beethoven Symph 7 Allegretto
11. Morbid Symptoms
12. Crisis Of Overproduction
13. The Old Is Dying
14. The New Cannot Be Born
15. Seize The Means


With Interregnum MMXXII Dominique Cyprès channels the anxieties of this historical moment. A sense that the weight of history is more unbearable than ever. That the United States in particular exists in a state of slow imperial collapse, but also that the whole world rests on shaky ground, caught unprepared to face the challenges of a pandemic and of anthropogenic climate change.

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