Dole & Megalos – Lady In Waiting CD

01 The Juice That Killed The Queen of Hearts
02 Boys Locked in Soft Orbit Around The Queen of Eyes
03 Buzz, Buzz, You Are The Queen of My Heart (Feed Your Head)
04 Monster Chiller Horror Theatre (The Queen Is Dead)
05 Queen of the Caribbean Las Vegas Killer
06 The Dancing Mississippi Acid Queen
07 Look, Her Majesty Is On Abbey Road
08 Roxy Is Still Beating The Beauty Queen
09 Dog Saved The Queen


Dole & Megalos’ first part of the second pair of related releases. Both Lady in Waiting and its companion Knave of Hearts were recorded in 2020 and became available in 2022. Ambient, drone, electronic, soundscapes –– they continue their style of experimental instrumental music, though they veer dangerously close to *melody* a couple of times on this volume. Phil Dole (X-Bax, Chord, Grand Kali Ma, Chips Ahoi!, DOTS, etc.) handles guitar and ambient effects and electronic artist Joe Megalos handles synthesizers and other electronics.

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