Dole & Megalos – Knave of Hearts CD

01 I Would Die For The Little Red Prince (When Doves Kiss)
02 Darling, Let’s Go With Crazy Nikki (When Dogs Bark)
03 Some Day My Prince of Darkness Will Come (Delirious)
04 The Sun King of Pain Must Die In The Night Time World
05 Temple of The Mountain King of Comedy
06 The Purple Prince’s Controversy of 1999
07 Witches of Death, Angel of Knave
08 My Sweet Fresh Prince Charming (Bel Air)
09 The Village Knave In the Navy
10 Two Princes of the Universe


Companion disc to Dole & Megalos’ Lady In Waiting. Both sets were recorded in 2020 but not made available until 2022. Droney synthesizers with touches of guitar.

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