Die Abbilder – Fernweh CD

1. Undertow
2. Fernweh
3. Longings
4. Heartbeat
5. October Child
6. Fernweh Reprise
7. Sunny Side of Night
8. Volplane


Die Abbilder is a German duo with Dieter Mauson and Wilfried Hanrath as members. Dieter is a Hamburg based electronic musician with his origins in Punk; his list of tours and releases – national and international – is awesome. Wilfried is a Wuppertal based bassplayer with his origins in Krautrock and Progressive Rock. After a long break he started to play music again in 2007 at the age of 50, concentrating on free improvisation. They met at the Sound Art Festival in Augsburg in 2020, where they were teamed up to play in a trio with Sascha Stadtlmeier. On this occasion they decided to record this album – Fernweh. Dieter Mauson – electronics, synthesizer, Wilfried Hanrath – bass, guitar, synthesizer, electronics, drums, vocals, mix, mastering. This is a long distance collaboration, Dieter recorded his parts in Hamburg, Wilfried his in Wuppertal, exchanging files via the Internet. They started immediately after there encounter in Augsburg in 2020, and finished their work on this album in 2021. Now, in 2022, the time seems ripe for Fernweh to see the light of day. Undertow and Volplane are solo-tracks by Dieter Mauson October Child is a solo-track by Wilfried Hanrath

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