Deviant & The Clones – Futura Bold + Clonography MC

A01 Situation
A02 Mutant Food Chain
A03 The Imaginary World of Cops
A04 World of One
A05 Break Glass
A06 Omissionary Position
A07 Product
A08 How Many Friends
A09 I Remember
A10 Slaughtering Fran’s Cat
A11 Protocol
A12 Realiditty
A13 Brady Feelings
A14 Sexpo 69
A15 Riff Raff
A16 Didn’t We Didn’t We
A17 Trivial Pursuit
A18 Shaddap
A19 Futura Bold

B01 Noodle
B02 If God Is Dead
B03 Radiation Victim
B04 Diseased Machinery
B05 Playing God With Insects
B06 Over The Edge
B07 Our Friend Neal
B08 Go To Hell
B09 SDI (Intro)
B10 Nightmare
B11 A Thief Is A Thief
B12 Splitting Image
B13 No Soul
B14 Hemlock
B15 Gratuity
B16 Appathymn
B17 Fake
B18 Human Feces
B19 Assault
B20 In The Afternoon
B21 C’mon Baby Tonight


Futura Bold back on cassette the way it was in 1986!!! Now w/ Clonography Volume One on the other side –– together, it’s all the “best” of early Deviant & the Clones! Noisy, angsty DIY recordings that point the way to Deviant’s later work with bands such as Mary, Six Inches, Pimmel, Deviant & the GMOs, etc

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