Deviant – Melvin: Clonography Volume X2 – CD2

01 Night Rain
02 Limousine
03 Your Cup
04 September
05 Down To The Bone
06 Boys For Hire
07 Futura Bold
08 One January Sunday
09 Appathymn
10 Beyond Crying
11 Untitled
12 Mistakes
13 Gonna Die Right Now
14 Acoustic Nonsense
15 Black Valentines
16 Social Song
17 Middle Class Kids
18 Frisco
19 Cadaver Cadabra
20 Brand New Effigy
21 Big Bluff
22 Losing You
23 Maggie’sPond
24 Sucker


The MELVIN series is dedicated to the demo recordings by Vancouver underground musician Deviant. While Deviant was often in bands that did studio recordings, there were also a steady number of lo-fi and not so lo-fi DIY recordings that were distributed as cassette demo albums during the 80s and early 90s, usually as Deviant & The Clones, sometimes as Deviant, and sometimes as fledgling new bands that sometimes progressed to studio recordings, sometimes not. This particular MELVIN volume differs a little bit from the others. These contain a collection of “Deviant Folk Music”, which is the equivalent of very messed up singer/songwriter compositions, either played acoustically or accompanied on electric guitar, perhaps in layers, but without out much additional instrumentation. But the MELVIN project would be an incomplete picture without having some of this output represented.

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