Chips Ahoi! – All The Kooky Doh MC

Side A Tracklisting
1. Kooky Doh!
2. It Was A Hairy Style In My Head
3. Plan A Neighbourhood For Sweater Weather
4. Butter Bam Bam With You
5. The Twain Shall Meet Remix

Side B Tracklisting
1. Blinding Weekend Lights Switch
2. K-Poop Remix
3. Livia Need To Know UR Drivers License
4. Raw Dough Rising
5. The Power of Glob (Frankie Goes To Palmer)


Dole & Megalos’ noise side project takes an expansive turn on their fourth album with help from Ladyshackles (Grand Kali Ma) and members of the sound collective Glob. Dark, massive drones with hints of the trademark electronic noodling pushed deeper into the mix.

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