Chips Ahoi! – All The Kooky Doh CD

01 Kooky Doh!
02 It Was A Hairy Style In My Head
03 Plan A Neighbourhood For Sweater Weather
04 Butter Bam Bam With You
05 The Twain Shall Meet Remix
06 Blinding Weekend Lights Switch
07 K-Poop Remix
08 Livia Need To Know UR Drivers License
09 Raw Dough Rising
10 The Power of Glob (Frankie Goes To Palmer)


Dole & Megalos’ noise side project Chips Ahoi! comes together for its fourth album with the assistance of Ladyshackles and members of Glob. The result is a set of massive noisy dark dronescapes that are simultaneously monolithic and intricate in detail, focusing on expansive electronically-induced textures rather than their trademark short bursts of intensity.

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