Audio CDs always contain uncompressed PCM stereo audio at 44100 Hz sample rate and 16-bit sample format. The uploaded audio material must have these parameters as uncompressed WAV or AIFF files. To ensure that your album will be duplicated on CDR according to its tracklist, please remember that each file name must start with a track number and be followed by a track title, such as „01. Track Title.wav / 02. Track Title.wav / 03. Track Title.wav” and so on.

Maximum length of audio material by the Red Book Standard of the CD format is limited to 74 minutes.

Please note that all CDs are made without gaps between tracks. If you want to have the gaps (silence between tracks) on your album, you have to include them in the CD audio master and the track should end with the silence you want to have before the next track starts.


Please download and use these templates to prepare artwork files for your releases:

CD Label

Outer Sleeve

CMYK is the color scheme we use for printing your artwork. Everything we print is converted into four basic colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK/Key). It’s highly important to provide artwork already prepared in this scheme since converting may cause unexpected changes in colors.

Bleed area

Bleed is an area with extended background artwork beyond the cutting line. It’s the area trimmed off after print during the assembling process. Most of cutters have tolerance of 1-3 mm and even slight move of the paper or cutter is possible.

It’s important to extend background and images to cover additional area of 3mm outside the cutting line so the cutter shifts are not noticeable on the final product.

Safety margin

Safety margin works like bleed but it covers area inside cutting lines. All important elements like barcode, text layers, pictures have to be kept 3mm from the crop line in case of slight moves of paper or the cutter.

IMPORTANT! For artwork based on frames safety margin is bigger and it’s 5mm.

  • Formats: PDF / JPG / TIF.
  • Open formats: PSD / AI / EPS.
  • We do not accept CorelDraw files.
  • Color scheme – CMYK
  • Artwork adjustment to template
  • Text minimum size
  • Bleed and safe margin
  • Spelling, written or image content correctness
  • Bitmaps resolution included in the artwork
  • Artwork or text legibility


Production-ready artwork files (prepared according to our templates & guidelines listed above) and audio master tracks must be uploaded to our WeTransfer channel.

Please note that the respective WeTransfer links must be correctly embedded in these submission forms.