How it works?

Take the quick walk-through and find out how Merch is tailored to your needs.


We are a fully-managed on-demand marketplace for the independent music market. We make it super-easy and hassle-free for artists and labels to list and sell any music album in CD and MC format. The best part of the service is that it is totally free to use and requires absolutely no investment. There are no production costs associated with manufacturing of the physical units, because we make them fully in-house, as soon as an order from a fan is placed. Moreover, there are no warehousing fees as there is no need to make any more units than orders placed for it. The stock does not run out. If there is any quantity required to be made, be it a few of them, a dozen or a hundred, the album owner can order them at a discounted rate.

It could not be easier: you list your album, your fans buy it, we make it and ship it to them. You get paid. That’s it. Oh, and if you could advertise it in your social media channels, that would help a lot both you and us.

Product submission and approval.

It’s a 2-step process.

First, you have to register as a vendor on our platform. Then, you just submit your release information by choosing a format, entering the artist, title, catalog number, description and uploading cover artwork image. You can submit it here.

Once it’s checked and approved by our team, such an album is added to our marketplace. When it’s live, you are notified about it via email.

Sale and order fulfillment.

You got your own store with your album(s) in it, so all you need to do is let your fans know about it. When they make a purchase of a product, we take care of all the hard work and heavy lifting: we print and press a physical copy, pack and ship it. We manage the whole process, including not only the manufacturing of a product, but also the online payment processing, retail receipt issuance and customer service.

The standard product price is 6.99 EUR. However, your fans can pay more for it, if they are willing to. After deduction of the production costs of an item, payment gateway fee and taxes, you make approximately 2.00 EUR from each sale. Pretty cool, taking into consideration you do not have to invest anything upfront, right?

All orders are shipped worldwide using registered priority postal service or courier services (UPS, FedEx).

Selling outside of our platform.

You can list your album for sale anywhere you like, be it your Bandcamp page, your own webstore or any other marketplace. Once you get an order in any of these places, you just replicate it on our platform (using your personal coupon code to slice down an item price to cover production costs only), enter your customer’s delivery address and that’s it! We will manufacture the album, pack and ship it to your customer. It’s a proper self-service, where the whole process is managed by us.


In case you need any number of units made for yourself, you can purchase them at a wholesale rate. If you are ordering for your own use, you can do so at just 3.68 EUR (+ VAT if applicable) for only one (1) unit made. If you need at least 10 units at once, the price drops down even more.

Contact us, if you want to order in bulk.


Your account displays real-time data on a current commission balance and you can withdraw the funds anytime you like. All you need to do is enter your PayPal email address in your vendor dashboard.

There is no minimum withdrawal amount.