Bandcamp Integration & Fulfillment

5 easy steps to list and sell CDs and cassettes on your bandcamp page with no upfront production costs!

Step 1.
Register as a vendor

Follow this link and register as a vendor on our platform. Please make sure the vendor role is selected and you provide all details required by the form:



Step 2.
Submit your release

Head over to our submission page and choose your release format. Then fill in the form with your release details, following audio & artwork guidelines outlined there:


Step 3.
Add your release to Bandcamp

On your Bandcamp dashboard, add a release you just submitted on our platform as a merch item.

When setting up a retail price for it, please take into consideration the manufacturing cost and taxes you will pay on our platform – it is 3.50 EUR + VAT = 4.30 EUR / unit. Just add your margin on top of that and list your item.


Step 4.
Give access to your Bandcamp order page

Provide access to the fulfillment page with Bandcamp orders for Once we have it, your orders will be automatically imported to our system and fulfilled. Shipping directly to your customer.


Step 5.
Order checkout

Whenever an order is placed, you receive a confirmation email from our system, with a link to pay for the production and shipping charges. You just follow the link to checkout and once it is done, we print and fulfill your order.

Your email message will read like this (please make sure to be logged in to before hitting the payment link):