Make & Sell your album with no upfront costs!

We make it as simple as possible to sell your music on physical format with zero investment on your side.

We enable it on our marketplace, manufacture it on-demand and fulfill fan orders.

You can also sell it anywhere you like (Bandcamp, Amazon, your webstore) and we will take care of everything else.

End-to-end service for DIY artists and labels

Super easy and hassle free

Marketplace for your fans

All submitted and approved releases are going up on sale in our marketplace.

You can add and sell as many releases as you want.

Earn money with no investment

Each time a fan buys your album, you get your comission.

You do not need to manufacture any stock upfront. We make your products on-demand whenever an order comes in.

How we make our products

Pressing and printing

Our product packaging comprises of a printed sleeve with 3mm spine, which holds an inner sleeve with a compact disc. Outer sleeve is printed in full color on FSC-certified 300g card stock. Inner sleeve is made out of white or black paper with a center hole. Such a configuration is actually the exact replica of a vinyl record packaging.

Audio material is duplicated on a highest quality optical disc by Falcon Media, which ensures the best playback and durability. Disc on-body surface is printed in full color using inkjet technology giving your artwork the best look it deserves.

Instead of using shrinkwrap, each product is hand-packed in recycled paper and the whole production process is as eco-friendly as possible, with zero waste and no plastic parts involved.

What we do for you

Our service in a nutshell

On-line Marketplace

On-line Marketplace

Your album is listed on our marketplace free of charge. Your fans can buy directly here using secure PayPal transaction.
On-demand Production

On-demand Production

Not even one unit needs to be kept in stock. We manufacture your album when an order is placed.
Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

We pack & ship orders. We get them delivered to your fans worldwide.
3rd Party Sales Channels

3rd Party Sales Channels

You can sell your album anywhere else you want and then just have it made and shipped through us.
Bulk & Wholesale

Bulk & Wholesale

You can order the manufacturing of multiple units for your own use. At a discounted price, obviously.

The price?

See retail breakdown

Full transparency. Direct-2-fan sales have never been simpler.

We only make money when artists do.

No costs, no stock, no effort.

Focus on making music, we'll do the heavy lifting.